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Optical Fiber Transmitting CO2 Laser Energy

Optical Fiber Transmitting CO2 Laser Energy

Product description
Basic parameters

China’s exclusive patented product

The product implements a flexible transmission of CO2 laser energy, improves functions of CO2 laser and expands its application fields. As an upgrading product, optical fiber transmitting co2 laser energy has solved the bottleneck problem of flexible transmission of CO2 laser troubling the industry for decades. The combination of this special optical fiber with CO2 laser device truly achieves multi-functionalization of CO2 laser, has the traditional CO2 laser application industry upgraded and updated and improves market competitiveness.

Main embodiment: replacing currently commonly used mechanical light guide arm with optical fiber transmitting CO2 laser energy flexibly can separate the laser from application points and lead the laser into tight spaces or make in vivo laser surgery due to all functions of a mechanical light guide arm, and more importantly, advantages of optical fiber, such as low loss, slender and flexibility.

The best-selling “CO2 Laser Optical Fiber Computerized Embroidery Machine” on embroidery market now is just a mature product in term of industrialization of this special optical fiber.

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Transmission wavelength: 10.6μm
Transmission Power: 60W
Fiber Length: 1-10m (optional)
Fiber core diameter: 0.3-1.5mm (optional)
Bending radius: 15cm (minimum)
Direct loss optical fiber: Fiber <0.3dB / m
Coupling efficiency:> 95%

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