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Non-invasive Tumor Diagnostic Apparatus

Non-invasive Tumor Diagnostic Apparatus

Product description
Basic parameters

Through Fourier transformation, broadband mid-infrared special optical fiber spectrometer takes broadband mid-infrared special optical fiber as a signal transmission system and can quickly and accurately capture the spectrum, providing surgeons with a new method of judging whether the detecting parts are cancerous and diagnosing early cancers.

Features: With a high optical fiber performance, this product can achieve a transmission scope of 700-3600cm-1 and features high energy, low loss, flexibility, easy to bend and so forth. The company combines the Fourier transformation spectrometer jointly researched with Peking University and assembles the world’s first Fourier transformation broadband mid-infrared special optical fiber spectrum detection device. Now, model machines have been placed in more than ten hospitals around China to make clinical application experiments.

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