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CO2 Laser Optical Fiber Acupuncture Therapeutic Apparatus

CO2 Laser Optical Fiber Acupuncture Therapeutic Apparatus

Product description
Basic parameters

Laser with the functions of heat, pressure, photosensitization and electromagnetic stimulation can pass through meridian points, biological fields and skin nerve endings and promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, can activate in vivo mononuclear phagocyte system immunologic mechanism, enhance the leukocyte phagocytosis, increase immune globulin, improve body metabolism and modify functions of human body systems.

The CO2 laser optical fiber acupuncture therapeutic apparatus has mid-infrared hollow-core optical fiber transmitting CO2 laser energy match with quartz glass optical fiber transmitting conductor laser, realizing co-focus output on the same optical axis and thus achieving the purpose of therapy. Then, it couples laser sent by the CO2 laser device through a laser and optical fiber coupler to a hollow-core optical fiber to transmit laser energy and realizes a coupling efficiency up to 98%. Add focusing lens on the end of the mid-infrared hollow-core energy transmitting optical fiber and achieve light spots of 0.3 to 0.5mm. Make laser indication optical fiber and install indicating glass optical fiber and mid-infrared hollow-core energy-transmitting optical fiber into a tube at the same time and have two optical fibers to achieve co-focus output on the same optical axis; design a heat-proof and converging handle to facilitate to clinical operation. Furthermore, acupuncture therapy can be done to double-side acupoints at the same time. It has been on trial.

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