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CO2 Laser Optical Fiber Computerized Embroidery Machine

CO2 Laser Optical Fiber Computerized Embroidery Machine

Product description
Basic parameters

It is a high-tech product combining laser cutting and embroidery perfectly. Boasting safer and more stable flexible laser transmission via optical fiber, easy operation and fast operation speed, CO2 laser optical fiber computerized embroidery machine can complete embroidery and cutting at one time, including partial hollowing out, appliqué and layered cutting. Finished embroidery products are more perfect, more delicate and more novel. This machine has been widely used in lace embroidery, applique, home textile embroidery and other markets.


High flexibility: Bending radius of CO2 energy-transmitting optical fiber is less than or equal to 20cm. Relying on its flexibility, it can eliminate impact of mechanical vibration brought by embroidery machine on laser transmission and ensure stable laser output to the embroidered cloth.

High quality: the energy of this laser optical fiber computerized embroidery machine can form a 0.2-0.4mm light spot after passing through the CO2 energy-transmitting optical fiber. The machine features small cut marks, good cutting effect and high quality.

High efficiency: the machine has high processing efficiency, and can be refit according to the needs of customers and the number of embroidery machine heads; the number of laser cutter bits can be up to that of embroidery machine heads.

High safety factor: The laser optical fiber computerized embroidery machine uses optical fiber to transmit energy, protecting the operator and the operating environment well.

Market expansion: Customer area scope expands from Dongguan, Foshan and Shantou of Guangdong province to Zhejiang and Jiangxi of China and even India and Pakistan (new).

Real Picture of Laser Embroidery

 Sample Pictures

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Laser type: CO2 glass tube laser

Laser power: 35W

Power supply: AC220V + 5%/50HZ

Support graphics format: AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST and so on

Cooling system: water cooling system

Control mode: computer embroidery and laser cutting integrated control.

Auxiliary system: automatic auxiliary blowing and smoke exhausting system

File transfer mode: network connection, USB port connection

Control software: Beijing Da Hao, Shanghai electric laser cutting system.

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