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Economic and social benefits of our products

Economic and social benefits of our products

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At present, the medical profession in the use of CO2 laser has more than 10 million units, with much-needed energy transfer fiber; below the county has 200,000 medical units have laser treatment machi

At present, the medical profession in the use of CO2 laser has more than 10 million units, with much-needed energy transfer fiber; below the county has 200,000 medical units have laser treatment machine; international community, especially developed countries, CO2 laser treatment machine to use more common, only in respect of these requirements would require dozens of meters of fiber supporting it, coupled with the optical fiber is calculated using a period of one year, energy transfer market prospect is very broad fiber. If more consideration to other areas, such as: application of mechanical processing, arts and crafts, light industrial and scientific research on the more urgent need to develop and produce the fiber of this energy transfer. 

In the field of clothing embroidery, traditional embroidery machine can use different colors of embroidery or ordinary line with other devices (such as: laser cutting machine) cut to pattern after, then they are sewn together. Thus not only a waste of energy, but also requires a lot of manpower and time to locate patterns, a lot of additional production costs. At present, the country has some of the embroidery machine manufacturers began to use carbon fiber laser energy on embroidery machines, laser cutting and embroidery integration application development, and has made encouraging progress, some of the samples have been sold to foreign countries such as: India , Pakistan and other countries. Guangdong Province is the major garment processing base in China, with nearly more than 100,000 units embroidery machine, embroidery machine and each is equipped with a 20-50 embroidery heads, so each embroidery machine need 20-50 meters of the fiber, so that the area will require an annual output value of the optical fiber 2 million meters. Fiber laser embroidery machine embroidery style not only increase, but can also improve efficiency embroidery, garment processing enterprises to improve production efficiency this one, each can save tens of thousands of annual costs for manufacturers, general garment processing enterprises have thousands sets the device, thereby calculating the cost savings of tens of millions annually for clothing factory, while garment processing style than before the increase. With the push of the project plant will produce considerable economic and social benefits.