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China Normal University signed a cooperation agreement with the Division I

China Normal University signed a cooperation agreement with the Division I

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October 18, after several negotiations, the special fiber China Normal University research team and investor successful cooperation, the establishment of "Guangzhou Huaren million and specialty fiber 

October 18, after several negotiations, the special fiber China Normal University research team and investor successful cooperation, the establishment of "Guangzhou Huaren million and specialty fiber Technology Co., Ltd.," the official in Guangdong, South China Normal University Asset Management Agency. 

The project is under the auspices of the school of social services and Cooperative Department, College of Science and Technology Zhou Guiyao by photoelectric teacher is responsible for providing technical, Guangzhou Huaren million and Metal Material Co., Ltd. is responsible for providing funds to support the school to provide services, the establishment of tripartite cooperation "Guangzhou, China Jen million and specialty fiber Technology Co., Ltd. ", by the Guangdong South China Normal University on behalf of the asset management company contracted school, located in Guangzhou City in the new knowledge of the city, Main: development and application of specialty optical fibers. Project market prospects, is the prototype of the project is corporate trial, the effect is obvious, is expected to achieve good social and economic benefits, this is my school successful industrialization of scientific research breakthroughs, I believe that with the strength of scientific research to enhance our school , transformation of scientific research will be able to make a significant contribution to the development of the whole college career!