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The world's first "fiber array CO2 laser cutting machine" debut 2013 Shanghai Optical Fair

The world's first "fiber array CO2 laser cutting machine" debut 2013 Shanghai Optical Fair

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March 19 to 21, Asia's largest photonics laser show - Munich Shanghai Optical Fair (LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA), at the Shanghai New International Expo Center

March 19 to 21, Asia's largest photonics laser show - Munich Shanghai Optical Fair (LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA), at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Our latest development, the world's first optical fiber array CO2 laser cutting machine debut Light Fair.

Our company was established in July 2012, the main carbon dioxide laser energy transmission fiber, broadband mid-infrared fiber, highly nonlinear microstructure fiber, rare-earth doped fiber microstructure and related equipment; company from technology related fields has extensive experience in R & D , production and marketing team founded by management, is currently the only successful transmission of CO2 laser energy to optical fiber industrial team.

Array Fibre CO 2 laser cutting machine is based on the traditional cutting machine, the introduction of flexible transmission of specialty fibers, and the application of technological innovation in the relevant sectors and technology platform, to achieve a long while work to achieve accurate and efficient application requirements, will become an effective tool for related applications enterprises decreased labor costs and improve operational efficiency!