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Our cooperation with Dongguan Lun, a successful exhibition "Four in One" laser embroidery machine

Our cooperation with Dongguan Lun, a successful exhibition "Four in One" laser embroidery machine

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April 2014 1-4, Fifteenth Dongguan International Textile & Garment, Footwear Machinery & Material Industry Fair held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center

April 2014 1-4, Fifteenth Dongguan International Textile & Garment, Footwear Machinery & Material Industry Fair held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center.

Our cooperation with the Dongguan City Po Lun Embroidery Machinery Co., Ltd., a successful exhibition "Four" CO2 laser fiber embroidery machines, embroidery finished scene attracted widespread attention and recognition.

CO2 laser fiber computerized embroidery machine is a laser, CO2 laser delivery fiber, automatic control, precision machinery technology and computerized embroidery machine as one of the high-tech products. The laser fiber computerized embroidery machine manufacturers jointly developed with electronically controlled embroidered cut integrated control system, the operation speed, high precision, easy operation, high stability. It is the CO2 laser stimulated emission of a laser beam, the company independently developed by CO2 energy transfer stable fiber transmission, the focus of work in a variety of fabrics, embroidery machine while the height to match their mode of operation, in order to achieve a variety of cutting the fabric, as well as local hollow carved functions. Its features are as follows:

1, high flexibility: bend radius fiber CO2 energy transfer ≤20cm, with its flexible characteristics, good eliminate the effects of mechanical vibration on the embroidery machine laser transmission to ensure stable laser output to the embroidered cloth.

2, high quality: energy of the laser fiber computerized embroidery machine can pass through the CO2 up to the spot after the fiber 0.2-0.4mm, small cut marks, cutting effect, high quality.

3, efficiency: high efficiency, can be modified according to the needs of customers and the number of head embroidery machines, laser head up the number of embroidery machine head count.

4, high safety factor: the laser fiber computerized embroidery machine using optical fiber transmission of energy, whether the operator or the operating environment can play a very good protection.

At the trade fair site, as well as using our laser equipment Jiangxi Feng, Guangdong Foshan three letters two embroidery factory to help promote our company's "CO2 laser embroidery machine", for their trust and support in this deeply grateful!