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Company Philosophy
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Core values - lead fiber optic technology, continue to create value
To provide customers with quality products and services, to create promotion and development opportunities for employees, to create long-term value for our partners and to create a world-famous sustainably developed high-tech enterprise
Vision: Base on integrity, achieve further goals through innovation, pursue excellent quality and cast a world brand.
HUA:The essence, the creation of China's first-class and products;REN: The highest moral realm, the source of the universe;
YI:Development space and using range is very large;HE:Harmony and common development and success
Positioning – Special, multi-functional
HRYH is not only a developer of special optical fibers, but also a manufacturer of medical and environmental detecting devices and even a provider of overall solutions for high and medium-end customers! HRYH not only develops special optical fibers, but also expands the optical fiber industrial chain at the same time! Furthermore, it has confirmed its three major development directions – industrial, medical and environmental monitoring.
Objective – To become an industry leader as well as an industry and national standard setter
Committed to the R&D of special optical fibers and their application products and to having the R&D results industrialized, HRYH is the only team in China that has developed optical fiber transmitting CO2 laser energy successfully. The CO2 laser fiber computerized embroidery machine (patent number: ZL201220747448.6) has been upgraded and transformed. Through being exhibited and exchanged on Laser World of Photonics China, Dongguan Textile Machinery Exhibition and Canton Fair, as well as comprehensive promotion at home and abroad, customer area scope of CO2 laser fiber computerized embroidery machine expands from Dongguan, Foshan and Shantou of Guangdong province to Zhejiang and Jiangxi of China and even India and Pakistan.